♻️Age: 22

👾Species: Human (Race)?


🎲Role in Story:

Human of Earth 2 (D3) Denouement 3 turns out to be evil killing machine

ℹ️ Description:

  • Gender: Male
  • Height: Medium
  • Complexion: Bit oily
  • Hair: Brown and shaggy
  • Eyes: brown
  • Face: “proto geek”
  • Voice: Nervous and sincere. Very sci-fi nerd confident
  • Clothing: Either seen as Barista or in streety clothes, inc hoodie.
  • Skills: Is malleable metal and can pull rings from his energy field that glow white and explode. His shield however does not diffused kinetic attacks, which makes him venerable to smacking around.

💼Occupation: Barista (orignially)


🧨Personality: Excited and nerdy


Was found on Earth II shared a flat with Lilly Michaels - While first appearing to be human, he soon turns out to be a creature of alien origin. while he looks mostly human, he is described by Libby Michaels as being a sort of malleable metal. His brother, an unnamed character is the same type of entity. He has infiltrated Lilly Michaels life and is only rumbled when he is deep scanned by Libby after she senses a “Pulse signal” coming from Lilly and his apartment. He is “destroyed” by Thirteen (Starship) main weapon. nothing remains to analyse


External Conflicts

Internal Conflicts