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 The Followers are a religious organisation based around Aygah worship. They see her as the ultimate architect of reality and while they accept the possibility of a higher god, they see her as the conduit to it as well as the only active supernatural force in the universe.

Basic belief

  • Aygah Created the reality we live in.
  • She is the planner, the architect. She is not inside her creation.
  • She wants us to be true to ourselves, above all else.
  • All living people are part of her plan and we must enable others to be their authentic selves in order to enact the plan.
  • If you prove yourself, she will give you life in the next iteration of reality.
  • She is a physical, real person, who can visit you. It is the highest honour.
  • Agency and empowerment is important as you can’t enact the plan if you can not act.
  • Killing is wrong. Aygah chooses life and death, not you. Her Heroes are exempt from this commandment (this includes ‘the great family’)


  1. Aygah herself
  2. Her champions (The Michaels bloodline, mostly. This rank was extended by Jon to Ba’an and Lea)
  3. The Keeper (David Atkinson, in current continuity)
  4. The Heroes. (explained in story ‘Of Vampire and Gods’)
  5. The inner circle (Bridge crew of Basilica, including Ria)
  6. The Followers (The rest of the religion)
  7. The initiates (those who are new to the religious and not yet ranked as ‘Followers’) Outside of the Followers who travel with ‘The Great Family’ the only tears that mode Followers encounter is Follower and Initiate, though they all know they answer to The Keeper, most never encounter him directly.

Please note, the Heroes are not answerable to the Champion, they answer only to the Keeper.


Her role is her own. It is not the job of people to reinterpret her plan. The keeper and the champion teach that she maintains the plan by nudging reality as required. That its not clear if we would know when she makes a change. That said, when Thirteen and Basilica were “gifted” we knew. The two ships acted as “proof” of the religions correctness to a lot of initiates.

The Keeper

The role of the keeper is to be the direct line between Aygah and the Followers. The job of the keeper is to lead the Followers in facilitating Her plan.  While in the case of David Atkinson, he was visited in a very real way by Aygah and given objects, information and secrets. Most keepers would receive a vision from her that showed them who would be the next keeper. This chain has been unbroken for many decades.  it is possible, that the line of Keepers crossed the Iteration barrier and the Followers have existed since the earliest realities.

The keepers are not assumed to be “in communication” with Aygah, but chosen because their own opinions and will, will match that of Aygah. What the Keeper thinks is probably what Aygah thinks. They are as one mind on matters of the plan.

David Atkinson is unique because most Followers believe that he has direct communication with Her. He is, in essence, a Super-Star Keeper. Some even see him in of himself as a godlike figure. - which he just loves.

The Champion

The only champion who was ever in the plan was Jonathan Michaels (Jon) - there is no backup, no alternate and no other.

The role of the champion is to be Her hand in the universe. While the Keeper and the Followers are there is facilitate the plan and support it wherever they can (humanitarian work, distribution of information) it is the Champion who is the hand, sword and will given form. The goal of the champion is Her goal. Their needs are Her needs and they are to be followed as if Aygah herself was issuing the orders.

The Followers have been waiting for the Champion to come to them since their founding. The organisation does not predate Jon but they have left him to ‘grow’ and when he was guided to them he took his place and title.

The champion is foretold to have an innate understanding of the plan. He will do anything required to protect it, regardless of his own understanding of this.

His family and whomever he considers family are respected but in the end Followers will fight and die if required, for him and only him; he fights only for her.


The job of the followers simply to follow the plan as best as they can. To listen to the Keeper and enact his/her will. To enable the Champion at all costs. They must enable the plan by being their authentic selves. By being true to themselves enabled them to play their part in the plan. We are all part of the plan.


Heroes of note: Tara Kl & Raf The heroes are the active portion of the Follower religion. They work in secret, known only to exist by high ranking Follower members.

The heroes have the same basic religious beliefs as the rest of the Followers, but they perform missions that are ordered directly by the Keeper or Aygah herself.

The heroes work closely with ’Týr’ Aygah’s own assistant. He is NOLF with far more ability than others. While he is omnipresent for heroes, his mandate its to stay close to their tasks and missions. He does not help the wider Follower community, though, he does have a special connection with David Atkinson


Main Temple is in the Canto district of Central Prime. They consider the temple of Central Prime in the area of Canto to be their base. This is because the Champion lives there.

Follower laws

  1. In Her we trust
  2. Serve the plan
  3. None is higher than Her
  4. She chooses who lives and dies
  5. We are all part of the plan
  6. Followers are not better than others

Politics and Social

The Followers have worked hard to keep a low profile. This is in part because they see themselves as an intelligence organisation. They never have large showy temples and the maintain their political neutrality in all sectors.  Privately though the Followers are a communistic organisation who value personal liberty above all else. They do however, keep this to themselves and not make a platform out of conversion. They also em


They have no technology of their own until Basilica (Starship) arrived to them. They have simple needs and the ships they use are usually humanitarian cruisers or personal transports.

Social Reach

Followers reach has been gaining traction quietly for a hundred years however in the post denouement years (since Denouement 1) they have been amassing members and are fast becoming a mainstream religious path.

Public Opinion

Generally they are considered to be good natured cranks by most races however Vampires have come to accept them as good people who are dedicated to being forces of positivity in the galaxy.

Generally Humans have little patience for them and their influence is smallest on Earth.


While the original source of Follower wealth is unknown, they have many benefactors and wealthy members/supporters. Elder worlds also offer financial support to all religious group as well as tax free operation.

The Followers have also shown on occasion that they have access to valuable artefacts and equipment that they have traded for services and goods in the past. This includes a wealth of Thinker made storage stones, fuel sources and historical items.

In recent months, though, the Libby Michaels institute as extended massive founding pipelines to the Followers. The institute is one of the single most profitable organisations in the galaxy that remains privately owned and, free from oversight. Libby Michaels extended over a billion coins’ worth of credit to the church on Canto in a single day. She has, however, clarified that she is not as a member of the group. News reports dispute this claim.

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