📆 Post date: 12-08-2023

Fangs (by Sarah Andersen)

I think this maybe the first “comic” book that I have written about in the book-club section of the website. Fangs started life as a web-comic on a website that everyone except me has heard of called Tapas.io.

Fangs is about a vampire and a werewolf who date. It’s light hearted and far deeper than it first appears. The two characters have genuine warmth for each-other. While short, its the comic book equivalent of a nice hug and a cup of tea.

I love comics but mostly hate “web comics” their short sketch show style usually leaves me bored quickly. I saw Fangs being talked about on Good-Reads and the artwork appealed to me. The description the post gave was that it was actually about the small moments in relationships and the vampire/werewolf stuff was a backdrop. I ordered the book immediately. It arrived yesterday and in about an hour and a half I blasted my way through it. Depending on how much attention you pay to the art you should finish it way faster but I liked the art a lot.

Don’t let its roots as a web-comic put you off, its a wonderful and honest depiction of the core of relationships without any cynicism at all. Its a celebration of love. Its not too on the nose either, it manages to just hit the mark perfectly. I enjoyed reading it a great deal, in fact I may reed it again right now!

While all the “moments” in the book hinge on the idiosyncrasy of the couple and the acceptance that they share it doesn’t get thin or forced and I hope there’s a follow up soon because I think there’s a lot more Mileage in the format.

The physical book is Hardback, fabric covered and a lovely object to hold.

Literally cant think of a better way to spend £7.


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