Type: Planet Controller: Human (Race) part of Earth/Sol alliance, in their space. Role in Story: A single representative from here was sent to a meeting in Denouement short story, week.


World with a history of warriors. Arid with heavier gravity than earth.

Nothing of note here, arid world, heavy gravity, green people who really liked stone buildings. A young race who only gained access to space a few years ago. We had forwarded them all the usual curtesy, technology, Cure-All and the offer of a ‘bail out team’ if they fucked up too much.

They had done well on their own and they had started exporting a great deal of historical fiction and art to the rest of the alliance. They were popular, as minor players were able to be. They had learned Elder-Tongue fast and translated massive amounts of their fiction for us.

A man stood. He wore leather armour and exposed his muscular chest. He puffed it out and sucked in his gut as he stood. He was of a younger race, one of the very human-like ones, if it weren’t for the green hue to his skin I would perhaps have been able to mistake him for earthborn