♻️Age: mid 20s (apparent)

👾Species: Bio-static (sub-race)

🏅Allegiance: Life! - Great Family - Sol

🎲Role in Story: Jon’s daughter.

ℹ️ Description:

Jon’s daughter.

  • Gender: Female
  • Height: Short
  • Complexion: Dark skin tone
  • Hair: Short, black hair
  • Eyes: Gray, like her dad.
  • Face: Pretty, favours urban makeup to official but has to go all formal often.
  • Voice: Well spoken with though has a Travellers accent (Victoria City with a hint of Elven moon)
  • Clothing: In work she wears a uniform, or Victorian dresses for government meetings, outside of work she likes crop tops and shorts.
  • Skills: Athletic build Physically mid 20’s. Bio-static human. She is also the daughter of a Blade (as ascended blade) not that she understands the relevance of this until D3.

💼Occupation: Vice president of Sol Alliance, and then president.

🎺Habits/Mannerisms: Changes tone almost subconsciously when she goes between casual and Presidential like a switch was pressed. He is moral but willing to compromise in favour of Sol which annoys Jon a great deal.

🧨Personality: Has a aura of total confidence and often aloof. She made a career in politics not because she is power hungry but because she wants to serve. She thinks that if she is vice president then its not some selfish arse hole. - Joanne is historically bisexual but in recent years has only dated women. She is attracted exclusively to Elves. She has never had a non-elven lover. Is that a kink? I don’t know. I think its a kink.  She says its because they have a connection to the universe which she finds sexy and is jealous of it though, with her linage her connection is far more real than she realises, I think.


This is Jon and Aygah’s daughter. So whether she knows it or not, she is half ascended Blade, that has not yet come into the story in a way that is relevant but it will (it will, I promise) She was raised in the midst of Adventures, shootings, aliens, Younger races and battling Deity’s. She’s seen it all and while she loved it, she  wanted to give her own Daughter the stability she never had. It crushed her when Ka’ohh died.


External Conflicts

  • Government! - War, Thinkers, Aygah, The Event.

Internal Conflicts

  • She feels like a bad mother. She feels like she owes humanity a good future because she was blessed with Bio-stasis.