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In the post event timeline they have been on earth since 1920 and are considered to be trustworthy with great integrity. They are writers, artists, musicians and philosophers. Good people, despite physical species traits making them look “evil” to classical human eyes.

Physical traits

Pale skinned humans with red eyes. Sometimes with wings. Usually quite tall and elegant. Naturally immortal


Elder (Faction)

Home world

Vampire Home world (Cruor)

Politics and Social  

They are not power hungry and are natural philosophical. Ba’an Ty is the president of earth and is considered to be the greatest leader in the galaxy. As a race they are heroic and trust worthy leading all aliens to consider “Vampire” iconography and fashions to be trustworthy and honorable things. That includes, pale, red eyes, blood-fantasy and ‘dark’ magic.


Vampires favor Gothic fashion but their technology and understanding of energy is very high end. They may mask their technology in wearable jewelry and capes but its top tier and entirely DNA/blood keyed.  



Some older families have large wings, although we don’t see any of them use them to fly. Generally its a sign of high social status. Wing size can vary


This represents the majority of the race and while is an indication of a less historically ‘ancient’ family line, is not shameful or looked down on.

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🗒️Other Notes

Naming Conventions: [Aa'Aa] [Aaaa] first names are 2-3 letters with an Apostrophe then 2-3 letters. The last names tend to be around 2-4 letters long and are ‘Punchy’ when said aloud.