📆 Written: 2024-03-07

You can now read more, of my work!

As I said in a previous post, I am planning on slowly releasing all of my writing, right here, for free. The problem is, it takes a while to post the works because some of them are huge, true to my word though, I have posted my shorted Denouemeverse work, which was the first in the ‘Takes of the Denouemeverse’ series (I’m currently writing the second.) Its actual title is ‘Week’ and it’s relied on you being at least partially familiar with the events of the second Denouement book (In Her we Trust) as it is a character exploration.

Each chapter (and they are long chapters) is a complete tale of one character, each taking place in a single day in their life. We experience a week in the life of the crew of the Follower starship Basilica in five independent stories which are connected by a wider narrative. This is an all female, first person collection which I am confident that Denouement readers will enjoy.

You can get a digital version of this on Amazon or Itch,

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