📆 Post date: 2023-10-03 — COMING SOON — It feels a little strange to have done no editing and no writing in almost two weeks. Instead, I’ve been reading aloud my recently finished project ‘Nancy & Holmes.’ intending to put the reading on YouTube, at the same time as the Amazon and Itch release.

According to my tracking software (ActivityWatch, its open source) I have spent over ten hours so far recording audio and I’m only halfway through. I still have to combine files, add chapter change sound-stingers, compress, normalise and tweak the audio.

It’s a strangely satisfying project which is, oddly, scratching the same part of my brain as the actual writing does. Also, I have caught two typos that I had previously missed! - Go me!

Anyway, I tell you this, so you know why I have been a failing to output YouTube videos and regular blogs. I assure you though, when I release a book and a ten hour(ish) YouTube audio-file, you will see where the time went

Software chices

At the moment, I’m recording using Audacity. Despite its recent, rightfully given, bad press and the fact that it looks and feels like an application from 1801, I can’t find a better application for just scrubbing and recording audio. If you know of something, please let me know in Discord or via e-mail. I would like something that doesn’t look like it was made in visual-basic ‘95.


Using my laptop (XPS-13 9315… I think) and a Blue Snowball with a Batman sock over the top. I’m not sure the Batman sock is relevant to sound quality, but it does work as a very basic pop filter.

Is it good?

I realise the audio could be better, but it’s one of those times when I don’t know if it’s worth investing in a recording shield, pop filter and maybe even a new mic when the views may be in single figures.

Also, it’s still me recording it, so it’s always going to sound like a stupid Brummie did it. So, there’s that.

What I have done is put work into making it sound as good as possible with my current hardware and will spend a lot of time in the post-recording section cleaning it up.

Is this a viable business model?

lol! No.

The audio will be on YouTube, freely. The book will be on Amazon and Itch, for under £3 (or, in the case om Amazon, as cheap as I can make it)

The hope is that I get enough ‘views’ on YouTube to make it worth the effort and at least some of those people pick it up in eBook format. Though, I honestly don’t expect to make actual money from this project. Realistically, if I did this for money, looking for a publisher would be the smart play.

Also, I have a Patreon, if you worry I wont eat. And all food support is welcome. - The Patreon is linked under ever YouTube video and the books are linked on this site.

Thanks for reading. More updates soon™️


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