♻️Age: 93

👾Species: Brick (Race)

🏅Allegiance: Brick (Race)

🎲Role in Story:

New president of Brick co-operative post Denouement 2 events

ℹ️ Description

  • Gender: male
  • Height: 5.8
  • Complexion: lightly tanned
  • Hair: Grey, long, clean shaven
  • Skills: Brick. Politics

💼Occupation: President

🎺Habits/Mannerisms: Thoughtful. Visibly considers things. Swears too much!

🧨Personality: Sincere, politician. Good man.


  • Was Mayor of a moon before the fall.
  • Thinks of Lea Ra-Kay as a war hero


One of the men shook his hand. A short man with lightly tanned skin and rippling muscles, that you could see even under his tailored suit. Obviously one of my people because he was too easy on the eyes to be anything else. He had long grey hair that he left free and was so clean shaven I wondered if he had ever even had stubble. He, as all adults of my race did, would look mid-twenties to a human. I could tell from the way he conducted himself and the confidence he had in his suit that he was at least as old and me, and probably then some.