♻️Age: Mid 20s

👾Species: Bio-static (sub-race) half Human (Race) and half Elf (Race)

🏅Allegiance: Great Family, Followers

🎲Role in Story: Granddaughter of Jonathan Michaels (Jon) and Aygah, Her mother is Joanne Michaels (Jo) and Ka’ohh (Ka’ohh doesn’t appear in this story)


  • Gender: Female
  • Height: Shorter than average
  • Complexion: Tanned/darked skinned
  • Hair: Wild Black hair in a messy bun
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Voice: A touch of Husky.  Clear and enunciated.
  • Clothing: Favours fitted, sexy.
  • Skills: Bio-static - Doctor

💼Occupation: Doctor. Leading expert in Bio-Stasis

🎺Habits/Mannerisms: Playful, acts a little younger than she is but will switch to 100% professional when her medical skills are required.

🧨Personality: Pacifist, caring, involved with other life forms. She is a people person.


Daughter of Joanne and Ka’ohh. She chose a life of pacifism as a rebellion against her dad who died before she was born.


External Conflicts

  • Used to date Ba’an Ty. Has to have contact with him constantly. Its a source of great emotional upset for her but also an external issue because she does kind of work for him during Denouement 1

Internal Conflicts

  • Feels like she can’t live up to her larger than life mother.


Doesn’t like cheese. At Some point in the future (distant) she changes her profession and becomes an engineer because its compliments her role as doctor, she wants to treat all live, organic and non-organic. She see’s protecting life to be one of her primary responsibilities, though not sure why it feels so personal to her.

Black hair and darker skin tones like her mother. She is short and has an athletic build. She enjoys tightly fitted and revelling clothes. Like her mother she loves her Bio-Stasis but not as an adventurer without limits.

She enjoy Bio-stasis because she will be young forever and refuses to allow social restrictions to prevent her from living like she is in her 20s.

Her love of medicine was born from a desire to protect her ‘gifts’ and even share bio-stasis with others. A dream she now now’s to be dangerous.

  • Her mother is Joanne Michaels. She is Jon’s Granddaughter.
  • She is Half elf on her dads side.
  • Very skilled doctor and expert on Bio-Static human biology.
  • Above average intelligence.
  • Pacifist.
  • Never learned to fly a ship. Which Joanne finds annoying.
  • Kay was seven when she met Libby