♻️Age: Infinite

👾Species: NOLF (Race) Consciousness

🏅Allegiance: Aygah and only her.

🎲Role in Story:

ℹ️ Description:

  • Gender: Presents as male
  • Voice: Commanding and confident. The voice of a leader, a king, a deep compassionate voice.
  • Skills: Týr is a NOLF (Race) from an iteration of reality that had technology beyond anything we have today. It is said that he was developed by a race of robots to be their god. He is the most advanced single point of intelligence in the universe. 💼Occupation: magic voice who acts as support for the hero initiative in Tales of 2 🎺Habits/Mannerisms: All business. 🧨Personality: He supresses is personality when speaking with ‘heroes’


He was Was originally the crowning glory of the most advanced empire in the universe.

Aygah realised she needed a network of agents that she could trust completely she also realised she needed way to unify and manage them. She used Týr, the great mind. His job is to be the single point of interaction between all the agents/heroes that Aygah put in place. He is totally trust worthy, completely dedicated and is always thinking ten steps ahead of everyone else. There is simply no intelligence that compares to him, save for possibly Aygah but her intellect is based on knowledge of the outcome of changes to reality not omniscience.

He is also blessed with instantaneous transmission (similar to the gift that Aygah gave Libby Michaels) and and is equipped with enough compute to manage all the data that comes in form all locations within the Follower network.

He lacks compassion and is very focussed but is a NOLF not an AI. He chooses to work for Aygah’s plan and believes in it


Name: Týr - Wikipedia

Týr is focused on the mission, the plan and sees Johnathan Michaels (Jon) and his team as a wildcard. He is assured by Aygah that this is a good thing but remains unconvinced of their value.

Týr is physically located in Agyah’s home, at the centre of the galaxy and possibly, outside of time.